Apprenace℠ fills the gap between institutional education and the real-world experience required to succeed in the professional realm. We believe that a responsible, capitalistic society should function through a “grand bargain” where businesses and organizations benefit from an affordable, creative, and enthusiastic young workforce, while young people receive solid experience, meaningful training, and effective resume-building.


To date, this bargain has largely failed. Businesses struggle to manage young labor and train them to be productive, while young people struggle to get meaningful experience. Because of this, organizations get burned out and seek to hire more and more experienced staff, making it harder for young people to start careers. Also, young people are getting discouraged too early in life and often fail to become fully realized and productive contributors to social development.

Apprenace’s mission is to fulfill this bargain by facilitating both traditional internships and through the development more in-depth apprenticeship programs. With Apprenace℠, business and organizations get to once again leverage the power and affordability of the young labor force, while young people have a positive and effective career-growth experience.


You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself. – Galileo Galilei

Apprenace℠ uses a combination of process development and the Socratic method for training interns and apprentices. Our goal is not to impress or enforce a curriculum onto a person, but rather to help young people identify and grow their natural talents and pursue their passions. Therefore, we take responsibility for pairing the right person with the right organization to make sure both benefit as much as possible from the relationship.

Apprenace℠ has experienced mentors on our team who ultimately take responsibility for the quality of the internship and are available to assist and coach both interns and your team as needed. New interns and apprentices do not have be to “career ready” to start, but they will not work on mission-critical projects until they have grown to a certain level of competency.

Apprenace’s training is unique because of our focus on delivered value. We make sure apprentices understand how the careers they are seeking to master can bring value to others. This is critical because it is the difference between performing a task and making a difference.


Apprenace℠ is based on the belief that all people are born into this world with a gift to contribute to society as a whole. Our responsibility, as a society, is therefore not to make every new person into our image, but to equip and nurture them until they are strong enough to contribute to improving society.

The harsh “hire and fire” nature of our current system fails to see people as works-in-progress, leaving people to wander until they can find a place where they bring value, all while still struggling to determine what value they may have to offer. Our goal is to create an intentional transition from potential-to-professional so that more young people can achieve their goals while society benefits from their innovations and hard work.


Because of the nature of our business, we have an ever-revolving team of interns, apprentices, and mentors. But if you want to know who is “in charge,” you can be assured there is still someone to blame for everything…



Chris “The Brain” has worked in software development and marketing for over 15 years. During this time, he has setup intern programs as a matter of passion in every company he has been a part of.

His left-and-right brain skill set allows him to train individuals in a wide variety of career paths. He is driven for a life-long passion for teaching which has, up until now, conflicted with his equal passion for innovation and anti-traditional thinking.



As the Program Director for Apprenace, Paul leads day-to-day operations, planning, and client/intern relationships. For nearly a decade Paul has directly overseen and managed the implementation of marketing, web design and web development projects as well as the planning and execution of marketing strategies, programs, and campaigns. He holds a Project Management certification and has worked directly with an extensive portfolio of clients and industries during his time in the marketing and advertising agency world.



Harry has over twenty years experience helping businesses achieve sustained financial improvements. He spent the first half of his career with GE, developing an appreciation for manufacturing, business processes, technology, and financial management.

The second half of his career has been devoted to making a difference in selected businesses through consulting engagements and new business start-ups. These include roles as CFO at Capstone Technologies and MindGent and consulting engagements with companies such as Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, and Maytag. More important to him are engagements with lesser known businesses where his impact has been significant.



Raj is an experienced marketing and strategy professional with more than 15 years of marketing, sales, and strategy development experience spanning Fortune 50, mid-sized, and small companies. He has a track record of using analytics to drive action, strong communication and interpersonal skills, unrelenting customer focus, and a distaste for internal politics and bureaucracy.

He spent 4 years at General Mills, 7.5 years at General Electric, and 4+ years as a marketing strategy consultant, and earned his MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Kelley School of Business, Raj has a passion for teaching young professionals the tips and tricks of applying big company marketing concepts to small and medium sized businesses to help accelerate their growth.



As Community Liaison at Apprenace, Kait’s role is to create and maintain relationships and opportunities through strategic socialization. Kait is a graduate of Indiana University’s School of Liberal Arts with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, focus in public relations and minor in event management. While completing her education, Kait gathered over 3 years of agency experience. After working with over a dozen local and national companies, Kait joined the team to represent Apprenace and focus on community development.



Emily executes marketing strategies, including graphic design, content writing, website design, and digital advertising, for Apprenace and its clients. She graduated from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has experience working with small businesses in a variety of industries.